A Tug of War between Heart and Mind

A conflict between heart and mind is a rationalized concept that every human being is liable of encountering. A human brain is a place of billions of thoughts, convenient and poignant at the same time, whereas a heart is a place of analyzing the gravity of those thoughts. Logic appears to be the most congenial point of factor which leads to channelize the thoughts to a proper pit which later is analyzed and framed by the heart.

In order to handle two different sectors, conflict and contrast is the most essential point of problem. Temporary strategy is often seem to be the most pivotal factor which may create problems. Even when the heart is strolling behind, it creates more intricacies for the development of a human being. Often it is stated what mind thinks is the best and what heart decides is with emotions. As per the view it is in no way true because there is no part of human body has power to think, save brain. Therefore, it is the contriving ideas of human brain which leads a human being to think of both the faces of an activity or an incident. More to be added, even the human conscience is also controlled and monitored by the human brain. Therefore, in order to attain the potential prodigality, approach of brains is literally immense. Experiencing of this type of contriving situation for a human being is natural as it has a peculiar manifestation. In order to present this contradictory ideas it has a distinctive prodigality which purports better congeniality.


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