The Adblock wars have no end in sight. Which side are you on, and why? #AdblockWars

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LinkedIn asked, “The adblock wars have no end in sight. Which side are you on, and why? AdblockWars” It’s a great question, but it has both sides aspects i.e. positive and negative impact of this battle.

Well, of course I’m going with positive impact of this battle. I love ad-blocking.

An ad block can basically be described as software that filters any online advertisement from a browser that a user has used to access the World Wide Web. Most internet users have clearly noticed that though once is using effective and fact internet; it will still take a while before the browser loads to the intended page and this is an effect of online advertisement. This has prompted huge development in the ad block industry eventually creating a war with the online advertisement industry. This war can be termed as necessary because it has positive implication to online users.

In the year 2015 the ad block industry grew by about 41% making it among the first growing industries and this is because of the steady increase of online users and the need to be able to protect. The confrontation of the online advertisement industry and ad block industry is something that is expected to last over the years as each looks for ways to outlast the other; this conflict has boiled down to a battle of words as the CEO’s of various companies in a specific industry defend their right to be in the market.

In conclusion, looking through at the need to have ad blockers it can be analyzed by the effect that it has on people who use the internet. The online advertisement have been known to have negative implications as it bogs down the particular browser that is being used, it is able to access personal information and drains the battery of the gadget in use quite fast. The ability to counter these effects can be said to be necessary and as such companies involved in creating ad blockers should continue with their developments.

For more information, please refer to “The Ad Blocking Wars. At NY Times page


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