Advice to anyone who wants to get into Venture Capitalist (VC)


This is common because being a VC is (to an entrepreneur) a sexy job.

VC as a professional investor who deploys third-party funds into relatively early-stage companies.

That is why business leaders (such as Steve Jobs, Jack Welch, Tony Hsieh) rely on it!

The answer is simple:

If you want to be a VC, my advice is to just get started




  1. Exactly, there are a few ways but it depends on what you’re looking for. If you would like to become a Partner, you typically need more than a few years of experience as a founder of a successful company or a high-ranking executive at a successful company. Partners typically find their way into VC through connections – there is no job application. For example, if you founded a successful company and had an exit, you might be headhunted by a VC firm that thinks you would be an asset to the firm.

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