Amazon vs. Netflix – Which would you choose for #streaming?


Streaming services have taken the technology world by storm. Many households have done away with old habits like using DVDs and Blue ray discs, programs and videos can now be watched through several video on demand services that are offered by various companies. Netflix and Amazon are the two biggest shareholders of the streaming market segment. However, there are several differences that the two have and this could be vital in finding the right streaming service provider.

This blog article uses the ANSOFF matrix decision to compare Netflix and Amazon video streaming services. In this comparison we will look at various aspects of the streaming services which include, pricing, efficiency, reliably and user friendliness.




  1. Amazon is prefered by the budget group and the Netflix by the higher ups… In terms of their streaming services of movies and videos. While economy wise amazon is consumer friendly yet there is Netflix that giver more secure streaming especially for kids programmes…. In case of their profits….it seems that Netflix makes more and more and has a larger share in the market…..this indicates that its people in the upper income group are more attached to these types of programmes.very very nice blog keep it up!!!!

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