Americans has more to gain than to lose economically by legalizing the use of Marijuana


For a period of about decades, governments around the world have spent billions of dollars on war against drugs especially the marijuana, or famously known as the Cannabis sativa. The most widely used and abused drug around should not be illegal any more but the US should lead the way. The United States of America should consider legalizing marijuana across all its state governments compared to only some of the states that it has been legalized. It is time that the America recovers from the much money that it has lost and spent in the fight against marijuana. Some of the states that have already legalized the use of marijuana include Colarado and Washington among others, a move they effected in 2014 but that which was going against or contrary to the federal gains. The major reason as to why Legalizing marijuana is a good move is that it is known to have enormous potential of offering or providing a greater economic incentive to the national economy. Economists and other stakeholders indicate that marijuana is a multi-billionaire sector that has the potential of injecting up to $ 35 billionaires every year by 2020.

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Further, it is crucial to note that legalizing marijuana in the year 2016 would bring $17 Billion for the American economy. This shows that marijuana legalization can be of positive impact to the economy as the huge amount of revenue acquired from it can be used to create more companies that will open more employment opportunities to many millions jobs. Additionally, this particular legalization can be used in assisting some of the people that develop cannabis related disorders and addiction. Therefore, as much as some states in America have remained skeptical about legalizing marijuana, it is clear that undertaking this particular legalization will serve to positively impact the national economy.




  1. Marijuana has always been as negative product.but by changing time that is globalisation and changing notions of what is good n bad has actually resulted in change notion as marijuana as such as usual american being the super power and the leaders in the trend setting has changed its notions on marijuana and is seeing it as a means to make profit…..a means to use as employment opportunity….as such legalising it…..and even changing he notion about this product and in the long run make more profit. I think US is changing business as….some of its jobs of the older economy are no longer as profit making…a before….so once it is able to addict he whole WOrld with being addicted to marijuana… of the countries that are seeing it as illegal will start purchasing their product.hence in the long run it is going to mint profit for the US.well the blog is okay as long as it keeps updating on issues……well done keep it up too good!!!!

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