How to do Startup Metrics – Formulas and Calculation Help You Make Wise Decisions about Your Start-Up

Context As an entrepreneur and angel investor, we’ve learned that there are certain financial terms and metrics that investors and entrepreneurs are expected to know. Here are the following most commonly used startup metrics. It’s important to note that most

Growth Strategies for Decision Making

The growth and development of decision making is greatly influenced by strategies that have been put in place. A decision may lead to a good or bad result depending on the input. The three main phases involved in making a

Get Rich Quick is Nothing but a Scam You Have to Work and Invest You Money

Unfortunately the truth is getting rich quick is next to impossible and any sort of a program like this is just a complete scam. The only for people to make money is by working for it this does not necessarily

Most Entrepreneurs never get to the Comfort Zone why is it that they want to do more

Although wealth is an unusual discussion for most people, I believe it’s should be talked about because facilitates us to follow the projects we are mostly passionate of while we make a great positive influence on our day today lives.

Entrepreneurs have a hard time accessing funds from financial institutions

Any entrepreneur would agree on funds being the greatest obstacle, moreover the discussion will basically turn to capital. Funding is the backbone of each corporation, except for startup firms, resources are in particular critical. Policymakers have come up with a

Social Entrepreneurship: The Key to Transforming the Society

Several problems in the society offer huge opportunities for entrepreneurs but most people ignore them. People should start focusing on solving social problems and they can be hugely successful if they execute their plans well. The takeaway is then clear:

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