– Positioned to Drive Omni-Channel Marketing in Global Experience a Reality

Walmart, the famous American multi-national retailer doesn’t need an introduction to anyone, but probably their app / needs one 🙂 While everyone is still figuring out their customer journey maps to provide a true omnichannel experience, Walmart seems to be one step ahead of

The Building Blocks of Growth Hacking and its Potential

Growth hacking is a fairly new concept to most businesses that most people assume but can be the secret to unlock your sales potential. Understanding your clients is crucial, and data is key. People undermine data because they do not


Customer-Centricity = Blue Ocean Strategy I’ve long been a supporter of ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ thinking. I’m also a firm believer that the greatest opportunities for business today lie with business model innovation – i.e. finding new ways to create, deliver

“Got a better idea for a Technical Leadership story you want to write about? #BringItOn”

“Got a better idea for a tech story you want to write about? #BringItOn” #What Role Does Good Technical Management Leadership Play In Innovating Better Ideas In An Organization? Coming up with better ideas requires challenging problems that older methods

Looks like more lawsuits are headed Uber’s way. Do you think the ride-hailing company should be forced to reclassify its drivers as employees? #Uber

#UBER can’t afford reclassification of drivers?  Uber, being a startup, it runs on investor’s money and not profits. Hence, the company can only accommodate loses on the mercy of the people funding it. This begs the question of whether the

Amazon vs. Netflix – Which would you choose for #streaming?

Streaming services have taken the technology world by storm. Many households have done away with old habits like using DVDs and Blue ray discs, programs and videos can now be watched through several video on demand services that are offered

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