The Adblock wars have no end in sight. Which side are you on, and why? #AdblockWars

Well, of course I’m going with positive impact of this battle. I love ad-blocking. An ad block can basically be described as software that filters any online advertisement from a browser that a user has used to access the World Wide Web.

Creativity is the Key to increase your social media presence

Enough discussed on strengthening your Organization’s presence in Social Media as that is the place where your target customers / prospects are in. But knowing the fact that only 5% of social media profiles are active participants and rest being

Reconceptualizing Teaching and Learning: The 2016 National Educational Technology Plan

ever since the year 2000, the team on Innovation and expertise (AACTE) has hosted a yearly leadership meeting for the leaders of a dozen tutor educator associations as well as directors of instructive technology journals, including the National Technology Leadership

India second largest Internet market, outshines US in net usage

India now has 402 million internet users – second only to China. India is the only large global market that continues to record double-digit growth of its internet user base even as growth tapers off in the rest of the

Modern Day Education Systems Kill Creativity

Is Education Systems Kill Creativity? The world today is defined by literacy, which is perceived to be derived from the existing education systems adopted all over the world. Most organizations today do not hire on the basis of what one

WADA to take on Doping Test Responsibility – IOC

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) delegated the responsibility of conducting a doping test of Olympic participants to World Anti – Doping Agency (WADA) on 17th October 2015. In a major re-shackling effort, the president of the IOC, Thomas Bach, announced

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