The president of the china has visited Washington to discuss the economic condition of the China market as the china is facing many fiscal issues. The developing concern about the condition of the market issues has forced president Xi Jinping to make an appropriate decision.

On the visit, the president Barack Obama has made the arrangements for Mr. Xi stays at the White House and planned to discuss the economy of Beijing’s to shift from the credit-fueled and to discuss the investment strategy of export-driven into household consumption. The discussion among the Xi and Messrs. Obama includes the tension that has developed over the trade and the policies of currency. The talk was also on the claims of regional territorial, accessing of the market and his most important cyber security that is simmering for many years among the two nation powers. The economic condition of China is in the worst condition and is nose diving, getting out of the current problem would be a huge trouble for the nation and  is the most worried issues for the president of China. The discussion stated that President Xi is in the state of mind to solve the issue and develop a normal economic condition. The issue shows that it would take a long run for the nation to overcome the economic condition in a normal state.

The advisor of the White House stated that Mr. Obama will take an action in favor of China economic condition and new laws will be developed for the companies of the US that are situated in China. The White House mainly has two concern regards to the economic condition of China. Firstly, stalled economy of China can again shake the global market that my results in hampering the economy condition of US. Secondly, the communist government of China may pull back the promises and make the economy condition of the nation stable and market-oriented by making the investment with the international business market.

The senior director of Asia Policy at National Security Council Mr. Dan Kritenbrink stated that the economy of China can be reformed, but treating the several issues through the treatment of the US firms situated in China. The main concern was stated by the former financial diploma at US Treasury and at present is a senior fellow at Peter Institute named Ted Truman that the events roll back and reform the condition of the economic status.

The stocks of Chinese plummeted up to 30 percent from the late August by affecting the bourses throughout the nation. The Investor, Strategies and Brokers results from a poor economic outlook on the China economy condition and it became a serious issue in the present scenario.  The cabinet talks among the Chinese counterpart and the US official that was held in July was able to solve some of the economic issues of the country.



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