Green Marketing – An Eco-Marketing Strategy

Green marketing is the process of marketing products or satisfying human needs having less impact on the environment. It’s not only bounded to the marketing of product only but also includes a range of activities to be followed thoroughly like product modification, production process, modifying advertising as well as changes in the whole process development. This marketing strategy not only lures the customers but satisfies government having made a great impact on the environment.


In this technique, human needs can be fulfilled without any topological or biological effect on the nature which will be favourable for the future generation as well as on the current living being. This is why sometime it is taken as ecological marketing. It not only refocus, review the traditional process of making products but  also challenges the current firms or organizations to make product keeping several issues in their mind like recycling, biological effect etc. Even today, Government is also pressurising organizations to follow some business ethics and logics to maintain the balance between product development and its impact on nature.

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Even the different commissions and authorities of U.S.A. strictly instructed the companies to follow the business rules maintaining legal issues or standards.

Though it came before but came in progress in the recent mean time. Even due to its complex study and effects, it became a topic of interest to the responsive authorities. It not only has sound effects on the environment but also holds corporate social responsibility (CSR). So a go green technique can be used behind this Eco- marketing strategy which is more convenient and justified.

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