How to do Startup Metrics – Formulas and Calculation Help You Make Wise Decisions about Your Start-Up

Context As an entrepreneur and angel investor, we’ve learned that there are certain financial terms and metrics that investors and entrepreneurs are expected to know. Here are the following most commonly used startup metrics. It’s important to note that most

Why Donald Trump Surprise Win against Hillary Clinton for US Presidential Election?

Context Republican Donald Trump stunned the world by defeating heavily favoured Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s (8th November, 2016) presidential election, ending eight years of Democratic rule and sending the United States on a new, uncertain path. Trump, 70, will be

Turn Stress into Productivity by using Transformation Techniques

Is Stress bad, right? Stress is a kind of energy like an effective drug–it’s all about dosing. So how can we avoid short-term stress overdoses or long-term stress addiction? Here is the suggestion where you can turn stress into productivity. When

Growth Strategies for Decision Making

The growth and development of decision making is greatly influenced by strategies that have been put in place. A decision may lead to a good or bad result depending on the input. The three main phases involved in making a

The Adblock wars have no end in sight. Which side are you on, and why? #AdblockWars

Well, of course I’m going with positive impact of this battle. I love ad-blocking. An ad block can basically be described as software that filters any online advertisement from a browser that a user has used to access the World Wide Web.

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