IoT is the Game changer for SAP HANA Cloud Platform

SAP HANA Cloud Platform for IoT


SAP launches an end-to-end portfolio of IoT solutions to help companies connect, transform, and reimagine how they do business. This portfolio includes 4 of the 5 pillars: Integration & Connectivity, Data and Application Services, and Industry Scenarios. The 5 pillar is the industry Hardware Devices. (E.g. machine sensors), in which SAP’s IoT solutions are tightly integrated.

SAP is one of the only companies in a position to provide the necessary components to deliver this portfolio of solutions. That’s because one of our key strengths is the ability to provide the infrastructure – the data and application platforms, as well as the connectivity layer – to enable businesses to securely tap into a network of millions of connected devices.

To capture the breakthrough benefits unlocked by IoT, so SAP are partnering with leading companies offering best-of-breed software, hardware, and systems integration capabilities.   SAP partner ecosystem for IoT already includes leading companies such as Accenture, T-Systems, Volkswagen, Jasper, and Shell. To further enable end-to-end enterprise IoT for more customers, SAP is now partnering with Siemens and Intel. With Siemens, aim is to simplify the path to the IoT for Industrial customers. This will be achieved by co-developing on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform – to make Siemens Cloud for Industry powered by SAP HANA available to industrial customers worldwide. Intel brings an industry – leading platform to seamlessly manage, connect, and secure devices on the edge. SAP also partnering with Intel to simplify, secure, and scale the IoT for the enterprise, initially focusing on solutions for retail, oil & gas, transportation, manufacturing, and utilities.

The result of linking IoT end-to-end is a new intelligence at the edge, combined with optimized business processes and game – changing business networks. This is the real evolution and the game changer.

If anyone would like to learn more about SAP’s strategy for the Internet of Things (IoT), be sure to check out the SAP press release as well as a video as, shown below:

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