Media Censorship Mirrors Society’s Lack of Poise and Is a Hallmark of Dictatorship

Art is never innocent. It ought to be prohibited only to the ignorant innocents, never indorsed into interaction with those not satisfactorily primed. Yes, art is precarious. Whenever art is chaste, it is not art. This phrase makes me reflect on one of the most contentious topic of the time, media censorship. Time and again, news have exploded on something being banned for a reason or another. While banning a piece of art may seamlessly appear a necessity to others, it can be unreasonable to the rest. To mention a few, the United States Atomic Energy Commission censored a piece of article published in the Scientific American magazine on thermonuclear fusion in the 1950s. In this blog, I offer reasons against media censorship.

First, media censorship propagates ignorance. The media is a major source of information in the society and, therefore, any form of censorship cultivates and perpetuates ignorance and leaves the society in darkness. If the government censors any piece of information that highlights its sideshows, then it infringes the right to information and lets the ignorant remain innocently ignorant.

Secondly, media censorship hinders creativity. The times have changed and the newer generation is voracious for information. In a society where the media operates within the scrutiny of the authorities, there exist modified truths and infringement of creativity. Censoring plays, movies, books, and documentaries compromises the value of creativity and art. As argued before, art is not chaste. When it chaste, it ceases to be art. Censorship can block legitimate denigration.

Lastly, censorship translates to erroneous public image. Governments that censor their media hide the abuse of human rights and the pain afflicted by the unlawful practices in the society. Concealing the true picture does not erase its existence, but only gives a fabricated impression.

In conclusion, I offer the following arguments against media censorship. It propagates ignorance, hinders creativity, and creates a fallacious image of the society. Therefore, censorship mirrors the society’s lack of poise and is a hallmark of dictatorial regime.


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