Modern Day Education Systems Kill Creativity


Is Education Systems Kill Creativity?

The world today is defined by literacy, which is perceived to be derived from the existing education systems adopted all over the world. Most organizations today do not hire on the basis of what one can deliver. There has to be a prior process that secludes a certain section of people who have not passed through the education system. Today watch a Ted Video (Do schools kill creativity? ) where Ken Robinson acknowledges that it is this form of argument that kills people’s creativity. The changing trends makes it hard for people to predict what will occur in ten years’ time. Therefore, for a child who is enrolled in school today, it is rather certain that the form of education he/she is subjected to does not prepare him/her for what will happen in twenty years’ time.


It is in this line of thought that Ken Robinson emphasizes on the importance of valuing creativity as much as literacy is valued today. Most organizations today due to their conformity to what the current education systems demand from students condemn an individual whenever they are wrong. This aspect not only kills creativity but it additionally instils a fear of being wrong. Being wrong does not automatically increase an individual’s creativity, but the thought of not fearing to be wrong enhances it. This is why children whose talents are nurtured from their initial stages in life end up perfecting it till the end whenever an enabling environment is created. With time, due to exposure to education, people’s creativity is killed since education does not provide a diversified platform for people to advance their creativity individually. Education tends to force everyone to do and think in a particular way which is a catalyst that kills creativity. Additionally, the fact that education stigmatizes bloopers, additionally contributes extensively to the elimination of an individual’s creative trait.




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