Net Neutrality…Will save the Internet….

Net Netuality

Net Netuality is the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favouring or blocking particular products or websites.

One of the most critical debates surrounding the Internet in the last decade is referred to as “Net Neutrality”. The concept of net neutrality targets at making the internet service an open source. Keeping the internet free to be used by every person and an open space of discussing the idea of the common people is the most contiguous motto by making internet system neutral. Wallsten (2014) is of this view the network providers must not guide the internet users what to be done or what not or they must not poke their nose on the personal matter of the users. At the same time, as mentioned by Guo, Cheng and Bandyopadhyay (2013), every user using the same package of internet system necessarily be treated equally by providing the proper internet speed.

Hynonen (2013) confirms the motive of net neutrality is to maintain the transparency between the user and the provider, an equal management of data without the intervention of third party is the main idea that the internet system is needed to be ensure of. Communication principles are also needed to be quite convenient approach which may lead to attain the organizational and individual ethics. Proper optimization performance is also a significant approach that come with net neutrality.

Net Neutrality (Save the Internet)

In order to discuss about the importance of net neutrality mentioning of the business principles to be managed strategically is quite convincing. Only because of this neutrality small entrepreneurship and business can sustain their trading in the market (Kramer, Wiewiorra and Weinhardt, 2013). Using of internet in order to reach to the maximum number of customers in the market place is also quite unique which helps in maintaining equilibrium in this aspect. It also prevents the voracious organisations to be entered in the open market sphere. At the same time, in order to gain market profit is also essential approach which helps in determining a sound control in business.


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