“Our Opposition confused, Our PM amused”

The month of December, 2015 may be remembered as the month of “Innovation in Foreign Policy “, marked by PM Modi’s surprise visit to Lahore, the home town of Mr. Nawaz Sharif, the Pakistani PM to join his on his birthday and his grand daughter’s wedding. This surprise visit may have created huge global news appreciating Modi’s gesture and personal touch to foreign policy; it didn’t go down well with opposition and the media fraternity. Opposition engaged in opposing for the sake of opposition is not the attribute of a responsible opposition. PM Modi seems to be good at confusing opposition and many others through his surprises. One may think that PM is amused by confusing opposition, as the opposition didn’t know the appropriate response to Modi’s Pakistan visit, so one may say, “Our Opposition confused, Our PM amused”.


The media is not happy, as its credibility of knowing everything in advance has take a beating as PM Modi decided and acted too fast  at Afghanistan , not giving time to the media to get a hint . However, PM Modi’s proactive diplomacy may have earned him global respect, but the section of Pakistan having vested interest in enmity with India, has managed a terrorist attack at the Pathankot Air Force base with an obvious intention of breaking the Peace Process initiated by both PM Modi and PM Sharif.  The response of India and PM Modi will be a real test of PM Modi’s vision and maturity in diplomacy.

However, PM Modi, has proved one point in his brief tenure as PM and three stints as Gujarat CM that; “Leadership Skills” and “Vision” are “Assets” relevant for success in every field, be it business, society or politics. In Indian politics “Leadership” and “Vision” was taken for granted, while in business systems, Leadership is a major subject of teaching, learning and practice. PM Modi, may be credited for bringing that Leadership Practice to Indian Politics.



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  1. Mahapatra’s this matter is showing a favourite ism for modi.well he is simply saying that PM’s policies are good and may be he is seeing him as an extraordinary in his political skills.Its more of personality analysis. Not anything to do with BJP ideology at large.intact it seems to notice some personal qualities of Modi’s…..which may be seems as a capacity in public relations tactically used for developing external relations.

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