Peer pressure

Our era has exposed us to peer pressure at one stage or the other and it is high time we admitted this. Is peer pressure defined in terms of age? Does it involve only a particular age bracket that is only passed once? Certainly this might be the pillar to understanding ourselves and our prevalence of becoming a victim in this interesting but crucial group in world history. However defined and confused to be having most of its membership among the adolescents, peer pressure is a wide club with various registration numbers being diverse only if an individual meets certain qualifications. These include: when an individual decides to be not able to set his or her definite goals and objectives in life such that he/she allows the age mates to control and decide for him/her then he/she is potential to be a member. Also, when an individual has lost focus with him/her life, he/she might take refuge here.






 At some circumstances, an individual might feel like we needs some form of entertainment that we has never understood neither wished for and for the sake of the friends, we finds ourself in one, we has compromised and we can be another potential partner in this club – peer pressure. Therefore this just tells how wide and broad this group is. So, peer pressure is more on the ‘We have lost track’ lifestyle. This is where individuals would feel the less power to have a say about their lives but they will be living people’s lives and more so the friends in her cycle. Peer pressure is sure and it is effective and detrimental in our society. What then can we do? It is high time we started to have a say and a contribution towards our lives, in case we had stopped to do so.

Let us be the ‘conscience-listener’ of our minds. We were not born to live other’s lives, because we were also borne with our lives to live. Hence, expect not a good thing when we leave ‘friends in the cycle’ to bossy and dictate what we do. Remember, every well created and desirable human family has a measure of faith and it is high time it becomes operational for our advantage of conquering peer pressure.





  1. This topic is about peer pressure in negative sense. It is those who cannot make decisions for themselves for into this pressure. Age boundary is not applicable to peer pressure. It is something faced by members of all ages, but I think peer pressure shouldn’t be seen as unhealthy but should be seen as something that may actually lead some members of the society to become more competitive and the achievers……peer pressure is what keeps norms of the society strong. Its only the few deviants group that actually bring the impact of the peer pressure to focus due to their ability to question the traditionally and an unchanging ways of the society. Here Mr.mahapatra is right hat people should be alert against peer pressure……but…..

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