AKBLOG was developed in 2015 with national and international exposure in varied blogs categories, with the vision of, making a difference to our world, through integration of THEORY and PRACTICE of MANAGEMENT, and in the process becoming a powerful global knowledge power house and establish itself as premier agency in the Business of Knowledge and Action to benefit CORPORATE & SOCIAL SYSTEMS.
AKBLOG, an individual blog provider with Indian Origin, promoting Indian Style of Management, symbolized by the set of Values listed below,
World is a Family: The belief that the whole world is a family makes your conduct, both personal & business, accountable to each and every segment of Global Society.
Values and Ethics: Greater respect for the intangibles of life, including Values & Ethics, than the tangibles of life, including profit, is more profitable in the long run.
Share & Care: Sharing Knowledge and caring for the well being of others around you, makes you more acceptable, respectable, leading to success.
AKBLOG, strongly believes that the above set of preambles acting as the guiding force behind AKBLOG’s VISION, MISSION & VALUES, makes more effective in their tasks as a Knowledge Generating and Distributing System.