An alarming report of Schilling et al. (2014) points out that from 2001 to 2015 India has received a 42% increase in suicide rate. Each and every year people aged between 30 to 40 kill themselves intrinsically which accounts to be 100, 000. Mostly youths and the middle aged persons are severely put their lives under the knife. In 2014 among the total number of suicides counted in India, 32, 325 are because of family problems, 26,426 are from illness. Henceforth, it can be easily stated that Indian people are prone to frustration and depression which leads to self immolation.

Generally suicide can barely be restricted or a cap can be put onto it. However, an article about Ajit A (2015) specified in the rerences is of this view the reasons for which one commits suicide if can be resolved, one’s tendency to suicide can also be alienated. Scientists normally mentions that people who reside with the concerned person are needed to be quite exquisite in their approaches to prevent a person to attempt to this gruesome approach (Refer to article references about Vijaykumar, 2007). It appears mostly the youths are prone to frustration and depression for the reasons like academic failure, relationship problems and others. If this kind of situation can be eliminated people can let to live long.

Behavioral approach is one of the congenial movements that have been flagged in India which leads to engage into uprooting this social stigma. It needs to be stated that suicide is a poignant approach which leads one not only to finish its life but it is the pang for the others as well. Making the common people known about these factors from the childhood, tendency of suicide can be resolved.


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In conclusion I urge all to enjoy this Life. My gratitude to you for taking time and reading this ….Wishing you all a better than good life!!! …



  1. Whatever may be the reason for the frustration.. Suicide is that momentary impulsive act.. The most crucial requirement at that juncture is.. Feeling of acceptance by others. Hence, he or she needs to speak to someone who can understand his premonitions and guide/ counsel him..and remove him away from that impulsive moment.. So reciprocate, speak and share his premonitions..

  2. Its a sentimental issue which needs everybody’s attention. This is a good attempt which needs a genuine apprecitation

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