SAP S/4 HANA – Data Enrichment and User Adoption

Are your Sales Teams seeing SAP S/4 HANA as a BOON or BANE? If you fall under majority, it is likely seen as BANE than a BOON 🙂

One of the biggest CHALLENGES you typically come across in SAP S/4 HANA ADOPTION stems — ironically — from the flexibility of SAP HANA itself. Because SAP has transformed SAP HANA from a relatively straightforward in-memory data warehouse into a platform capable of running many enterprise applications, choosing which SAP product to start with can be mind-boggling.

An adoption plan also must consider deployment logistics — where and how SAP S/4 HANA will run. Should a customer buy a standalone appliance? Integrate with an existing data center environment? Or tap the cloud?

Now after SAP HANA, the Sales team not only has to RESEARCH for the INSIGHTS but also has to ENTER it in S/4 HANA. It can’t sound exciting for anyone including you 🙂

So how do you convert this CHALLENGE to OPPORTUNITY? What other organizations LEADING in S/4 ADOPTION do to overcome this RESISTANCE and make it as a DELIGHT?

The ANSWER lies in the PROBLEM.

Make it easy for the sales user to not only ENTER data but also RESEARCH on required data RIGHT IN the S/4 HANA to WIN BUSINESS.

The answers, it turns out, start with the fundamentals — a good business case. Unfortunately, establishing a compelling business case is challenging for companies considering SAP S/4 HANA adoption.

“The reason the business case for SAP HANA is such a major challenge is because many organizations have large investments in their ERP implementation, “They have purchased licenses for their existing DBMS — Oracle, IBM DB2, SQL Server — and so they need a good business case for switching their underlying DBMS for HANA.”

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