Get Rich Quick is Nothing but a Scam You Have to Work and Invest You Money

Unfortunately the truth is getting rich quick is next to impossible and any sort of a program like this is just a complete scam. The only for people to make money is by working for it this does not necessarily

Social Entrepreneurship: The Key to Transforming the Society

Several problems in the society offer huge opportunities for entrepreneurs but most people ignore them. People should start focusing on solving social problems and they can be hugely successful if they execute their plans well. The takeaway is then clear:

Advice to anyone who wants to get into Venture Capitalist (VC)

This is common because being a VC is (to an entrepreneur) a sexy job. VC as a professional investor who deploys third-party funds into relatively early-stage companies. That is why business leaders (such as Steve Jobs, Jack Welch, Tony Hsieh)

Why INTRAPRENEURSHIP is important for Competencies and Business Innovation in the Organization?

Intrapreneurship is a term coined by Burgelman in his 1983 dissertation (www.wikipedia August 24, 2007) and made prominent by Gifford Pinchot (1985) in his book, “Intrapreneuring: Why You Don’t Have to Leave the Corporation to Become an Entrepreneur.” Pinchot (1985)