Why SAP HANA Security is required: Part C ?

In this final part series, let’s focus and examine the biggest risk in SAP HANA Database security. In SAP HANA you can design roles and assign privileges (authorizations) and then assign the roles to users using 2 methods: Design Time

Why SAP HANA Security is required: Part B ?

In this second blog series, here are some of the Key SAP HANA Security concept functions as follows. 1.) Authentication – Authentication in SAP HANA can be done using SAP HANA Studio or SAP Web IDE. 2.) Authorization – In

IoT is the Game changer for SAP HANA Cloud Platform

SAP HANA Cloud Platform for IoT SAP launches an end-to-end portfolio of IoT solutions to help companies connect, transform, and reimagine how they do business. This portfolio includes 4 of the 5 pillars: Integration & Connectivity, Data and Application Services,

Why SAP HANA Security is required: Part A ?

Why SAP HANA security has been considered?” This is a question that has been raised many times but yet has gotten so little attention. Let’s take a deeper look into SAP HANA and talk about the security features, loopholes, benefits